La Fourchette


The brief for the interior of La Fourchette was intimately connected to the vision for the restaurant itself. The business operates as a cafe come restaurant, and also incorporates a patisserie ‘shop’ providing take-away coffees, crepes, pizzas and pastries. The design needed to accommodate these functions without one compromising another.

The clients wanted to present a modern French restaurant with integrity rather than a pastiche of ideas about french food and culture. It also needed to be a good “local” and reflect the seaside location. 

We addressed a tricky change in level by creating distinct experiences for upstairs and downstairs dining. Coloured walls, painted timber panelling, banquette seating and acoustic ceilings create a more intimate experience upstairs. Floating ceiling panels, finned pendants and simpler painted wall treatments respond to the larger volume downstairs. A shelving unit between the shop and the main dining space provides an area for display whilst screening diners from the bustle of shop customers.

Colour plays a fundamental role in the design. The chosen colours were carefully selected to respond to both daytime and nighttime demands: the palette is sharp enough for a daytime cafe yet has sufficient depth for nighttime dining. Overall, the palette presents a warm yet distinctive space for customers, reflects the location and French identity of the business, and allows La Fourchette to seamlessly transition from daytime cafe to nighttime restaurant.

Completed 2013

Photography Emma Smales